Overview of 50 tasks used in main study. 1. Acts of kindness/Perform acts of kindness to three strangers in 1 day. Give up your place in a queue to someone behind you, give someone your seat on the bus, etc. 2. Barefoot/Walk around at work without shoes for 1 h. You may also go outside if you dare. 

3. Be a reporter/Be a reporter for a day and write a short news report about something good that has happened to you. Print the report and hang it on your wall or send it to a friend. 4. Break it down/To make progress towards a large goal (such as finding a new job or home); break it down into smaller steps. Plan how and when you will complete these small steps. 5. Clean up/Clean something that has been bothering you; e.g. your mouse, keypad, door handles, mirror, windows, etc. 6. Donate/Find a product (e.g. a piece of clothing or a book) you don’t use anymore and donate it to a friend, neighbour, or the local charity shop. Do it today or schedule it in your agenda. 7. Early night/Go to bed an hour earlier than you normally would

door handles, mirror, windows, etc. 6. Donate/Find a product (e.g. a piece of clothing or a book) you don’t use anymore and donate it to a friend, neighbour, or the local charity shop. Do it today or schedule it in your agenda. 7. Early night/Go to bed an hour earlier than you normally would. 8. Family tree/Draw a family tree. Use your own knowledge as a starting point, you can ask a relative to help you out. 9. Favourite song/Play your favourite song out loud, sing and dance along with it. 10. Forgive/Forgive someone by writing a statement of forgiveness. Keep it private for a week. You may then keep the statement to yourself, burn it, or present it to the one you’ve forgiven, do whatever you feel is best. 11. Get involved/Get involved in a movement or a cause that is new to you. You can participate in a flash mob, follow an interesting blog or join an evening class. 12. Good ol’ times/Find a picture that brings back fond memories, print it out and hang it on the wall, or set it as your computer background image. 13. Green light/Obey all the traffic signs and regulations for 1 day. 14. Guerrilla florist/Be a guerrilla florist by secretly planting some flowers in your neighbourhood. Don’t forget to look after them after they’re planted

15. Happy moments/Think about three truly happy moments in your past. Write them down on cards, and hang them on the wall or on the fridge. 16. Healthy meal/Prepare a truly healthy meal for yourself and take the time to enjoy it. 17. In good company/Write a thank you letter or e-mail to a company whom you think delivers a good service, and send it. 18. Inspiring stories/Read or watch one inspiring story (e.g. http://www.ted.com) about people who managed to make their dreams come true due to their persistence and high spirit. You can also ask a friend who inspires him or her. 19. Keep a tally/Choose something you like (small dogs, red cars, men with moustaches), and keep a tally: For 1 day, count how many times you encounter the thing you’ve chosen. You can write it down in a notebook or on the back of your hand. 20. Kind words/Pay at least three people you encounter today a genuine compliment. 21. Learn a language/Learn a new language for 1 day. Learn ten new words, write them down and hang them on your wall. 22. Listen up/Be a listening ear to a friend who needs you, offer your shoulder if he/she needs it. 23. Look up/Look up (at the sky, the clouds, and high buildings), discover something new and make a drawing or photo of it.

24. New friend/Make a new friend by talking to someone you don’t know very well, and find out something interesting about his/her life. 25. New room/Redecorate your room by shifting your furniture, or buy a new bed sheet, pillowcase or poster. 26. New way home/Travel home today using a completely new route or use a different means of transportation. 27. Next door/Post a kind letter to a neighbour you haven’t met to introduce yourself. Attach your address so they can write back. 28. Pick up litter/Pick up litter from the street you live in, to benefit you and your neighbours. 29. Plan a date/Plan a date with someone you haven’t spoken with for a long time. 30. Plan a holiday/Plan a holiday with a friend. Your destination can be expensive or cheap, nearby or far away, depending on your possibilities. 31. Positive future/Make a drawing of your best possible future to visualize your dream situation: where would you live, what would you do for a job? 32. Prepare a meal/Prepare a meal for someone to thank him/her. Don’t forget to actually say thanks.

33. Project/Write down a plan for a small project to which you want to commit, but haven’t found the time for. 34. Read it? Share it!/Wrap up any recent magazine issues you’ve already read, and post them at neighbour’s houses. Don’t use issues that are dirty or old. 35. Repair/Find a problem in your house and solve it. Changing a bulb, fixing a hole in the wall; anything goes! 36. Seclusion/Find a place in nature that is secluded from traffic and buildings. Listen to the birds, wind, and surroundings. 37. Share a joke/Share a joke with at least one person today. 38. Share your goals/Share your goals with your friends or family, so they can remind or motivate you to pursue your goals. 39. Share your insight/Share your knowledge about a topic of your expertise. For instance; teach a friend how to use a camera. You can also blog about your knowledge or make a small instruction pamphlet. 40. Small stroll/Take a walk for 10 min by yourself, on a moment that suits you.

41. Smiling mirror/Smile to yourself in the mirror and draw your smile on it with nonpermanent marker or lipstick, so you will run into your own smiling face again. 42. Stair master/Avoid all elevators and escalators, and take only the stairs for 1 day. 43. Start saving/Acquire a piggy bank and save money to buy something you really want. 44. Stretch/Stretch in the morning or evening for 5–15 min. 45. Surprise yourself/Write down your qualities or positive characteristics on post-its. Hide them somewhere in your home so you will face them later again. 46. Sweet notes/Leave sweet messages for your family or colleagues at random places (e.g. in someone’s’ bag, or at someone’s desk) to surprise them. 47. Take notice/Just breathe and take notice of your body and feelings for 5–15 min. 48. Time out/Take a time out. For 15 min, don’t communicate, listen to music or watch the TV. 49. Treat/Give a good friend or colleague a treat with some sweets or a cup of coffee

50. Write a letter/Write a letter to thank someone you’ve never properly thanked and send it